About Sanatan Panchang:

Special features of Sanatan Panchangs (Printed Copies and Mobile Apps) –

  • Available in English, Hindi (हिन्दी), Marathi (मराठी), Telugu (తెలుగు), Tamil (தமிழ்), Kannada (ಕನ್ನಡ), Gujarati (ગુજરાતી) languages
  • Mobile Apps are available for Android and iOS
  • Spiritual guidance to face and overcome everyday stress as well as evolve spiritually
  • Sanatan-made sattvik pictures of Deities
  • A treasure of thoughts that provides perspectives on National pride and interests
  • Besides the remembrance days of Saints, National Heroes and Revolutionaries, special occasions such as Temple festivals, Religious festivals and Muhurts.

Technical benefits of Sanatan Panchang Apps !

  • Lower APK size (pocket friendly) !
  • Quickly access Day, Date, Tithi and feature of the day on the dashboard !
  • Get notified of all festivals !
  • Works Offline !

Understand the reason for publishing advertisements in the Android version of Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs)

The Android and iOS versions of Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs) are published free-of-cost. We have decided to publish advertisements in the Android version of the Almanac so that the expenses on various aspects such as compilation, editing, translation into various languages, formatting are met. The readers should note that the intention of taking advertisements is to recover losses, not making profit!

Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs) will not compromise on our principles !

Though we take advertisements, the intention is important. We will not use the funds for personal gains, rather use these for spread of Spirituality and protecting the Nation. If we were to be financially sound, we would not collect advertisements. We will not compromise on our principles and therefore, not take advertisements for products such as tobacco, cigarettes etc. which are harmful for health and the well-being of the society. The readers should note this and cooperate.

The glorious march of Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs) – Print Edition

  1. Marathi (3 Editions : Mumbai-Konkan, Western Maharashtra, Marathwada-Vidarbha)
  2. Kannada (2 Editions)
  3. Hindi
  4. English
  5. Gujarati
  6. Telugu
  7. Tamil

Almanacs have been published in all the languages mentioned above. Many well-wishers have been sponsoring copies of these Almanacs over the years; some people gift copies of these Almanacs to their relatives and close associates. These Almanacs(first 5 and last 2 above) are owned and published by SHREE BALAJI DHARMAJAGRUTI SAMITI and SSC trusts respectively.

Spiritual importance of Sanatan’s sattvik pictures

The ancient spiritual scriptures say that closer a picture or Idol of a Deity is to its original form, more they attract the Principle of that Deity. This helps in quicker awakening of bhav of the worshipper.  The pictures of Deities in these Almanacs have been made by Sanatan’s seeker-artists as their seva, according to the science of Spirituality and under the guidance of spiritually evolved Saints and seekers. Due consideration has also been given to the science of vibrations while making these pictures. Many people have had spiritual experiences about the sattvikta (spiritual purity) of these pictures.

Importance of practicing and propagating our Culture

The scientific way of celebrating Religious festivals, Holy festivals, Vowed religious observances and religious rituals, underlying reasons and their benefits have been included in these Sanatan Panchangs. These Almanacs are a medium to impart knowledge about our culture to the society so that the efforts for God-realisation are from the spiritual perspective and that every individual gets due benefits from his/her efforts.

Why do Sanatan Almanacs start from January, and follow the Druk-siddhant?

The main aim of publishing Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs) is to make Indian culture mainstream among the younger generation. Most people purchase calendars before January; and most people in the States of Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka etc. use a calendar based on the Druk-siddhant. Therefore, to reach maximum number of people, ‘Sanatan Panchangs’ are based on Druk-siddhant and start from January. (Surya-siddhant and Druk-siddhant are the ancient methods of preparing an Almanac. Please note that because of some difference in preparing them, at times, the days of Holy festivals, Religious festivals and celebrations may differ.)

Why no astrological forecasts in these Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs) ?

Publishing astrological forecasts in Almanacs and Periodicals implies that about 1/12th of the human population (that is about 50 crore people out of a 600 crore population) shares the same future. This is incorrect and hence, astrological forecasts are not published in these Almanacs. Instead, importance is given to presenting information on spiritual practice, which alone helps us in overcoming destiny and leading a blissful life.

Why do we use the ‘Kaliyug Varsha’ calculation in the Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs) ?

One of the aims of publishing these Sanatan Almanacs is to propagate Indian culture. For readers to understand and appreciate the superiority of our ancient methods of time calculation and traditions, we have given importance to the ‘Kaliyug Varsha’.

Special Notes

About Sanatan Panchangs:

  • These Almanacs has been prepared using the ‘Daatey Panchang, Solapur, Maharashtra’.
  • In these Almanacs, Shukla Paksha and Krushna Paksha have been mentioned as ‘Shu. P.’  and Kru. P.’  respectively.
  • Moonrise timings of Sankashta Chaturthi are for Mumbai city unless mentioned otherwise.
  • If time for an occasion is mentioned in excess of 24.00 hrs., it may be taken as occurring on the night of that date.
  • Auspicious and inauspicious days are broadly presented. For conducting specific rituals, please consult the local priest.
  • Important public holidays are given according to the Central Government policy. State policy may differ.

About Special Days :

  • Jayantis and Punyatithis of Saints and Punyatithis of Revolutionaries of 1857 War of Independence and those earlier are given as per tithis and Revolutionaries after 1857 are given as per the English calendar that is according to the date.
  • Some occasions are celebrated according to the English calendar; hence, they are mentioned accordingly. Over time, we will mention those too as per the Hindu tithis.
  • The special occasions mentioned in these Sanatan Panchangs (Almanacs) are as per the available records. If you find any discrepancies, kindly inform us with relevant references. We will make the necessary corrections in future.